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Converting Our Closet to a Mudroom

One of my biggest complaints when we moved into our house was the lack of a convenient place to store shoes, bags, coats, etc. The lack of a mudroom meant the clutter made it's way into our kitchen.

In the photo below you'll see that we had a bifold closet as you walk in from our garage. This was actually the pantry for the kitchen. Not only did this not make sense, it meant that there was no entryway storage. (apologies for the image quality -- wasn't planning to share these at this point)

In order to convert this to a mudroom, we first had to create a pantry elsewhere (more on that another time). After we had kitchen storage, we hired a contractor (we like to DIY but also know our limits) to remove the existing closet and add custom cabinetry.


We wanted to make sure we had drawers for shoes, locker style cabinets for bags, coats, etc., and storage above for other items. If I'm being honest, this did end up costing us a bit more than I had expected but the function it has added to our space was well worth it.

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