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Hello….I’m Lexi! Welcome to my blog – I’m so glad you are here. This has been a longtime dream of mine, and I’m so excited to finally be here.

I started this blog for several reasons – the most important being a creative outlet for my passions and a way to document and remember this time in our lives.

My goal is to keep this blog focused on a few key topics: home design with a few fashion/lifestyle tips along the way. Admittedly a fairly broad range of topics, but as a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I likely won’t be able to resist sharing some of my favorite finds along the way.

We recently purchased our first home and have spent the last year doing some of the basic renovations like flooring, paint, more paint, and even more paint. Did I mention paint?

Now we (I) are finally starting to turn our (my) focus to decorating and finishing the spaces. I plan to go back and cover some of the past renovations we have done, then take you all along with us, room by room.

My husband (still a new title for him) has been a big supporter in the creation of this blog, but will likely come to regret that decision when I use this as a constant excuse to go on a decorating spree…. Sorry(ish).

Thanks for reading!


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