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Making Minimalist Design Work For You

I'm a minimalist through and through. My husband is not. When we first moved into our home and I painted every single wall white, he thought I was insane. In full disclosure, I bought about 45 different varieties of white before finding the right one. So maybe I am?

I love the look of a bright, white home. It forces you to really think about the design and decor you choose It allows those design choices to be the focal point and really shine.

Our home still isn't where I would like it to be. Picking up design pieces is a slow (and expensive) process. We are really trying to find the right things that we know we love and continue to build on them.

I picked up this desert print from World Market a few years ago and it always felt so plain in our living room. When we were out of town last weekend, we stumbled upon some prints that we thought would be perfect to complete the space. Que some $20 Target frames, and we have ourselves a completed wall. One wall. I'll take it.



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