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The Before

As promised, I’m finally sharing all of the “before” photos of our new(ish) house. — Side bar: we’ve actually now been in this house for over a year and I’m not quite sure where the time went. —

Before buying our house, Josh and I lived in an apartment nearby for several years. I was always dying to buy a home and spent way more time looking (dreaming) at Zillow than I’m willing to admit…..and driving Josh crazy.

Last year, we finally decided we were ready to buy and kicked off the search. Naturally, every home on the market seemed to have sold and our options were pretty limited. We actually looked at our current house a few times before buying.

My first words when we walked into our house were “no way.” I couldn’t see past the complete lack of character. It was pretty clear that the previous owners (who built the home) chose not to do any upgrades to the house and it looked basically as it did when they built it in 2004.

After looking at other homes, we realized that this was actually a pretty great home at a really great price and all of the changes needed were cosmetic. So we bought the house and spent the first month renovating as much as we could while still living in our apartment.

Here are the “before” pictures in all of their glory*. I’ll start sharing room by room updates on the house now and how we got there. 

*Please excuse the photo quality — I can’t be held responsible for this.



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